Discussing Procurement's Pressing Concerns at NIGP's Spring Seminar

2/7 – Addressing Global Supply Chain Challenges with Public Procurement Professionals

Source-to-Pay Leaders to Discuss Trending Topics with Public Procurement Group

Insights for Public and Private Sector Procurement


Cherry Hill, NJ?(February 7, 2020) – On March 6th, several members of Corcentric’s Source-to-Pay team will travel to Orlando to join the Central Florida chapter (CFC) of the National Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP)’s Spring Seminar. In addition to networking and exchanging insights with public sector procurement experts from across the region, they will deliver a trio of thought leadership presentations.

NIGP supports and refines the public procurement profession with educational programs and a year-round calendar of events. With more than 3,000 chapters and member agencies representing more than 16,000 professionals, NIGP advocates for the value of strategic spend management and drives the conversation around emerging subjects. They share Corcentric’s commitment to not only elevating procurement, but promoting ethical, responsible supply chain management.

CFC-NIGP’s 2020 Spring Seminar will focus on procurement’s capacity to address the profession’s most pervasive challenges. These include market volatility and the evolving, increasingly global nature of supply chain networks.

Corcentric’s experts will address America’s ongoing trade war with China as well as the struggle to effectively segment the supply base and optimize procurement’s reputation. Jennifer Ulrich, a Director with Corcentric, elaborates, “It’s both an exciting and an overwhelming time to work in procurement. Entering a new decade, both public sector and private sector professionals face a number of challenges and opportunities. We look forward to discussing just a few of these with NIGP’s members next month.”

Later this March, Corcentric will discuss more strategic, tech-enabled tail spend management at events sponsored by the Institute for Supply Management and WB Research. In April, they’ll return to the ISM’s Annual Conference as sponsors and keynote presenters. Read the Strategic Sourceror every day for more updates.

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