Healthcare, Hospitals & Life Sciences

Healthcare, Hospitals & Life Sciences

Strategic Sourcing For Healthcare Providers and Life Sciences Organizations

With Healthcare Reform now passed, big changes to Healthcare providers are being driven by Washington. Consequently, healthcare institutions are looking for ways to ensure that they can provide the same level of care to the communities they serve, despite what is likely to be diminishing revenues.
In other words… Do More With Less.

As a Procurement Services Provider, with significant experience in Healthcare Strategic Sourcing, we can help you maximize the value you receive in exchange for the precious dollars you spend. We accomplish this by reducing your costs and leveraging the latest procurement technologies without your hospital or healthcare organization having to take on the risks of payroll and resources that are typically required to achieve such results.

Source One Can Help You:

With a long list of satisfied clients including hospitals, health networks, university medical centers and healthcare research facilities, Source One is fully versed in working in conjunction with healthcare procurement departments and healthcare executives to define and successfully reach organization-wide goals. Our comprehensive solutions help manage you manage your budget while keeping medical staff on the floor.

Even if you are already using one or more GBOs or GPOs, we can help! Our depth of experience in working alongside and negotiating with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) has developed the expertise necessary to successfully reduce the cost of doing business while remaining loyal and even enhancing relationships with incumbent suppliers. Each major GPO offers tools to identify savings opportunities on Physician Preference Items (PPI). We can help you navigate those tools by working with your internal staff to aggregate pricing data, utilization rates, and adequate benchmarks.

Contact us for help with Strategic Sourcing for your Healthcare or Life Sciences Organization.

Sample of Satisfied Strategic Sourcing Hospital Clients:

Sample Strategic Sourcing Hospital Clients

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Healthcare Procurement Value Creation

Healthcare Procurement History
Since 1992, Source One has been a procurement resource extension and preferred procurement partner to hundreds of clients. Source One has negotiated with over 7,000 suppliers in over 100 spend categories, with an average savings of 18%.In recent years, we have seen a strong focus on Healthcare and Life Science Organizations. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, doctor’s offices and other medical practitioners are under extreme pressure to cut costs and maintain profitability. Source One can help.
Strategic Sourcing for Medical Device and Medical Equipment Manufacturers
Are you a medical device or medical equipment manufacturer? Are you feeling the crunch of competition, and lower-cost overseas competitors stealing your designs? Are your engineering groups working in the best way possible with your sourcing teams? We can help medical device manufacturers reduce their COGS.
Guiding Principles to Live By
We can help your healthcare institution drive significant cost savings as well as introduce best practices, new mechanisms, tools and metrics to ensure compliance. Our programs tie sourcing strategy to custom satisfaction for our healthcare clients.

Spend Management Solutions

We offer a full-suite of sourcing and procurement solutions to help your Healthcare or Life Sciences organization save immediate and sustain results in the future.

Hospital Procurement Solutions

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