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Establishing a strategic partnership with a well-qualified?contract manufacturing organization can?be a fantastic?competitive advantage. You can gain exclusive access to manufacturer innovations, leverage?proven, affordable?technologies, reduce lead times, and realize significant cost savings and efficiencies. But all these advantages are only attainable if you follow sound strategic sourcing principles, and if you can bring the right market intelligence and subject matter expertise to the table. Trust?Source One’s Contract Manufacturing category expertise to help you right-size requirements, scour the marketplace, and onboard the best-fit contract manufacturer at the best price. You’ll be glad you used the insight and guidance of a firm who’s been doing this successfully since 1992.

Contract Manufacturing Sourcing?

Lab Supplies & Testing Services Cost Reduction and Procurement Best Practices

Lab Supplies Cost Reduction from Source One's Strategic Sourcing Experts

Source One’s Strategic Sourcing Experts can help you identify and execute cost savings initiatives and deliver greater value in the Laboratory Supplies & Testing Services category.

The Laboratory Supplies & Testing Services Spend Category is not one with which most Procurement professionals are intimately familiar. Controlling costs within the lab supplies & testing services category often becomes an exercise of choosing between a couple of rocks and a few other hard places.? You could attempt to manage each?individual laboratory supplier’s spend, or you could try to focus only on?managing or evaluating large contracts. Or you could just allow the laboratory and testing?personnel?to order and purchase of their own accord, and potentially incur very high costs.

As a strategic sourcing professional, you know that consolidating the laboratory supplies and testing services supply base would offer the opportunity to negotiate best in class pricing and discount structure . With a manageable set of preferred suppliers, you could ensure consistent pricing and direct laboratory personnel to a single source for ease of managing spend, ordering process, delivery, and inventory.? And if you had?the right?strategic sourcing team?at your fingertips, you could explore how outsourced testing services?could avoid labor and supplies cost?overruns and?guarantee both accuracy and repeatability without extensive capital equipment investment.

Source One can help – giving you access to an entire team of Strategic Sourcing professionals with direct experience in the Lab Supplies & Testing Services category.

Our?Direct Materials Cost Reduction Team has adapted?Source One’s proven strategic sourcing process for the complex Laboratory Supplies & Testing Services spend category:

  • Baseline current spend, contracts, and supplier capabilities associated with both capital equipment and consumable laboratory supplies across multiple facility locations and disciplines
  • Benchmark current spend and pricing against market intelligence to determine savings opportunities by both commodity groups and manufacturer discounts offered by distributors vs. manufacturers
  • Match laboratory needs to?supplier core capabilities to maximize efficiencies and quality of service (test times, core product offering, house brand alternatives)
  • Evaluate of incumbent lab?supplier’s renewal proposals as they relate to current market conditions and possible economic inclusion opportunities
  • Identify alternate suppliers that service clients in current and like industries which include discount and niche or minority suppliers for specialty products and diversity initiatives
  • Determine total testing costs as they relate to in-house testing which SOP review to determine resources, test times, facility overhead costs, and materials consumed
  • Compare testing methods, device sizes and sample size rates


We capture feedback directly from the research teams concerning the current state of the lab supplies and services supply base and spend profile, including their?suggestions for modification of lab product or service offerings to ensure all research and specialty product needs are met. Our lab supplies and services procurement experts understand how strong customer and supplier interviews can affirm purchasing’s commitment to the research teams they service and lead to more detailed and effective?laboratory services and supplies strategic sourcing.

Contact Source One’s Lab Supplies Experts today to get more value out of your supply base and keep your lab personnel happy at the same time.

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