Cost Reduction Services for Office Equipment Purchasing

Office Equipment

Office Equipment Strategic Sourcing Consultants

With close to 20 years of experience sourcing office equipment, our team can help to reduce costs, decrease inventory, consolidate equipment through multifunctional technologies, and help with vendor selection based on service requirements.

We provide cost reduction services for copiers, printers, equipment leasing, computers, servers and more!

Source One can help standardize equipment purchases as well by understanding the functional needs of your internal business operations. Our inventory review will help clients identify the equipment each department or business unit is using, and evaluate the cost effectiveness and productivity of each piece of equipment.

The analysis also takes into account factors such as cost of ownership, maintenance programs and lease terms and conditions.

Performing an analysis of your inventory will allow us to understand the following requirements:

With access to your current lease agreements, Source One has the ability to negotiate:

We Can Help:

Our Office Equipment Expense Reduction Services can be offered on a Contingency Basis

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Supply Chain Services

Full Suite of Expense Reduction Solutions

We do more than just lower costs. We seek to increase the quality of procured goods and services as well as strengthen existing or new relationships with your suppliers.

Maximizing Savings Can Be Difficult. Do you know?….

Beyond Office Equipment

So you are interested in strategic sourcing your office equipment in order to drive savings. Have you considered sourcing the paper and toner that you use as well? Source One has significant experience in driving savings in office supplies.

Strategic Sourcing Office Supplies

Office Equipment Strategic Sourcing

Source One has the ability to optimize your company’s office equipment purchases. We will assess your needs based on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of your purchases.

Source One will perform an inventory of all equipment including copiers, faxes, printers as well as other areas such as mailroom equipment.

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