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Office Supplies

Office Supplies Cost Reduction Through Strategic Sourcing

Source One will customize a sourcing strategy that will include all the product specifications and unique quality or service factors for your office supply spend. During the process, we will provide a report that clearly compares our research of your existing program to best practices in the marketplace, giving you the leverage you need to execute profitable changes by reducing the cost of your indirect spend in office supplies.

We provide cost reduction services for paper, toner, equipment, office supplies, office furniture, printing services, custom branding and more!

Our team will help to identify the “core spend” within your office supplies categories, which typically consists of the top 60-80% of your total office supply spend. Identification of your core items, standardization of products, implementation of best-practice ordering habits, and negotiations will assist in driving the best possible value for each dollar that you spend.

Hard and Soft Dollar Savings Realization in Office Supplies is Obtained Through:

We Can Help:

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Strategic Sourcing Cost Reduction

Strategic Sourcing Office Supplies

Office Supply Spends tend to be an overlooked cost category for many companies and can sometimes fall under the radar. Source One has the experience to help you lower your office supply costs and select a competitive and qualified provider.

Beyond Office Supplies

You took a great first step in looking to manage your office supplies spend. But have you looked at your office equipment lately? From copier and faxes, to leases and computer equipment, we can help you get the best possible office equipment at the best possible price.

Strategic Sourcing Office Equipment

Telecommunications Strategic Sourcing

Another often overlooked spend category is telecommunications. Let Source One help you identify exactly what your organization is looking to accomplish with its infrastructure, and demystify the technical terms and solutions that providers may be attempting to confuse you with.

Telecom Expense Reduction

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